Experts in coordinating services and supporting individuals using the person-centered planning process.


We are committed to excellence. With more than 50 years of combined service to the community, we are humbled and honored to continue on this shared journey of dedicated community services.
Engaging Every Individual
Engaging Every Individual
We engage every individual we serve and promote self-direction planning while encouraging individual choice and control over the entire process and resulting plan. Read about Our Leadership Team
Supporting, Achieving & Caring
Supporting, Achieving & Caring
Beatrice Loving Heart Agency is devoted to providing person-centered services to children, young adults, and older individuals, as well as their family members, who have the most challenging health care needs, disabilities, and related concerns.
How We Make A Difference
How We Make A Difference
Overcoming barriers and achieving success through dedicated support for those we serve is what drives our organization. Through a collaborative effort, we can achieve a positive outcome.

Our services help individuals to thrive in their homes and communities of their choosing. Our staff have a wealth of experience and expertise and bring a passion for a person and family-centered philosophy, and a commitment to quality, integrity, and responsiveness. We use person-centered planning to ensure the delivery of person-centered supports.

Our Mission

Over the years, we have made it our priority to support our families and participants by supporting them in living full lives and being integrated into the community.

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Community Care Coordination
Managed Care Case Management
Housing & Community Planning
Community Care Resources
Aging & Health Services

Our Partners

Individuals and Families
Government Agencies
Health Insurers
Private Providers
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