• Sonja Haley
    Sonja Haley

    Sonja Haley is one of the sweetest and kindhearted individual the agency has ever met. She is from Maryland and works at the recreation room located within her building- where she loves to meet different individuals every day. From time to time, the building has karaoke day. Sonja likes to attend whenever she gets a chance, and is not afraid to perform for the small audience. Beatrice Loving Heart Agency was able to assist the participant in obtaining PERS and the DMS that she needed in order to be safe in the community. Beatrice Loving Heart will continue to assist Sonja with her health needs and ensure that she has access to all eligible services.

  • Charles Sprecher
    Charles Sprecher

    Meet Charles. This past year, Mr. Sprecher found himself in a tough situation – he sustained injury inside his residence, and went into a nursing facility. At this time, participant was asked to find another place to live. His Resource Coordinator was able to assist him with finding a place to live, as well as going to see the residence on behalf of the participant. Since enrolling in the program, Charles has been provided access to the resource he needs to continue to live an active lifestyle within his community.

  • Annie Fenwick
    Annie Fenwick

    Having a sense of humor is a key part of Annie Fenwick’s lifestyle. Annie Fenwick is an 87-year-old woman who resides in an Assisted Living Center in Maryland. Annie has a quiet personality, but once you are able to get her out of her shell, you will find she is very friendly and funny! Since being enrolled in the Community Options Waiver Program, Annie has been able to spend time with her family on a daily basis. She has been able to receive the resources she needs to live independently within her residence. When asked what her favorite outcome of the program has been, her response is that being in the program has given her the freedom to spend time with her family.