Beatrice Loving Heart and Healthcare Agency has been providing community-based support services to individuals with complex medical needs since 2003. We have been working with families in Maryland, providing supports planning, job placement, supported employment, housing placement, and staff to assist our clients in remaining independent in their homes. Our agency has been the main point of contact for our clients by conducting in-home visits, monitoring the effectiveness of plans of service, advocating for the people we serve, community resource gathering and finding the most talented, educated and experienced staff for our participants.

Through our services, our agency has been able to monitor the referrals to, delivery of and effectiveness of various programs. Beatrice Loving Heart believes in collaborating with local agencies to ensure service delivery. We make it our mission to incorporate person-centered and evidence-based practices that emphasize each person’s strengths and personal goals. For many years, our agency has offered:

  • Targeted support services for individuals dealing with addiction and other behavioral health disorders, making sure that they have access to treatments and other resources that support their recovery.
  • Supported Employment and professional training– This resource is provided to individuals that are interested in working in the community.
  • Care coordination in partnership with local agencies, serving individuals who are in need while supporting them in all their endeavors.