Beatrice Loving Heart Agency continues to work hard to develop and maintain a relationship with agencies in our community that provide services for families and individuals. We have a team dedicated to this cause, and through this team, our agency has developed skills in maintaining comprehensive care coordination, regardless of funding or finances through the use of private resources in the community. We have been receiving our referrals from the local department of aging and have developed a relationship with them that allows us to provide families with the resources that are available to them through departments such as this. We have also mastered the housing sector and have trained our staff to support smooth transfers of our families and individuals from hospitals and skilled nursing facilities back to their personal home. Our agency has built strong relationships and partnership with the network of providers to seniors and their families such as local Departments on Aging, including Aging and Disability Resource Centers. We are involved with annual health fairs, support programs, and assisting homeless individuals and their families. We are also involved with natural resources such senior centers and churches.

Over the years, we have established a relationship with many community providers with the same goal of assisting those we serve with obtaining and maintaining employment, identifying and addressing barriers that can inhibit an individual’s potentials, obtaining additional income for those who qualify. Our team of experts has the experience, tools, and resources necessary to assist individuals who struggle with substance abuse problem. We encourage, motivate and fully support individuals struggling with substance abuse to receive treatment and follow-up with them throughout the entire process. Additionally, we have extensive experience working with individuals with a mental and/or physical disability. Our staff are highly trained and provided with the adequate tool necessary to assist these individuals in accessing the resources they need to live a fully functional life. We are involved with annual health fairs, support programs, and assisting homeless individuals and their families. With over 200 highly qualified individuals including licensed social workers, housing specialists, nurses and supports staff, we are able to deliver the best services to the families we serve.