• Evelyn


    Beatrice Loving Heart has had the pleasure of working with Evelyn for many years. She has an exuberant spirit that believes that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She is still Very involved in HS graduating class and remains very active for her age. Going to church is one of her favorite things to do and she goes as often as possible. Her family lives in Virginia and she enjoys visiting them as often as she can. She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis resulting in a bilateral knee replacement. This diagnosis did not change her but empowered her. Through this procedure, Evelyn lost her independence and needed help regaining it. She is a vibrant woman who is always on the go and enjoys doing things for herself with little to no assistance. Beatrice Loving Heart has been committed to helping Evelyn regain the independence she lost during this process. Our dedicated staff worked with her to provide a new walker and cane, personal assistance, home-delivered meals, and a personal emergency response system. With these items, Evelyn was able to do activities by herself slowly until she regained her strength back. Some of the items were not readily available to Evelyn, but with the help of Beatrice Loving Heart, all items were obtained. Evelyn continues to exceed all expectations and has been able to do things many people did not think that she can do. She is an inspiration to many and continues to build her faith in God. Evelyn is now completely independent and receives support from our staff to ensure that we continue to support her in all areas of her life.

  • Connie


    Connie is an amazing individual with a strong drive to enjoy life to the fullest. She lives her life fearlessly and does not let anything get in her way. She loves nature and has a very positive spirit. Sadly, she was in a severe car accident leaving her partially paralyzed with brain damage and frequent seizures. This accident really tested her and caused her to re-evaluate many things. At this point, she needed as many supports as possible to continue her life independently. Through the suggestion of her therapist, she took a leap of faith and started looking for an agency that will care about her and assist her. She read about our agency and inquired about our services. When the agency learned about Connie, we were amazed by her drive and passion for life. We were determined to help her in any way possible. Her assigned Support Planner has worked extremely hard to find a device that alerts paramedics when a seizure is detected. The support planner also assisted with getting a wheelchair as soon as the client was discharged from the hospital and ensured all requested services were ready to begin when the client returned home. Although the client is not completely independent, she has confidence that she is safe in her home.

  • Yousuf


    Yousuf is a vibrant 11 years old that loves sports. Yousuf spends his extra time watching sports and engaging in activities when possible. He lives with his family and enjoys many activities in his community. He is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. He has seizures, intellectual disabilities, and is non-verbal. He was originally enrolled in the Community First Choice waiver program in the summer of 2017. He is receiving 20 hours of personal assistance per week. He lives with his mother, father, and two sisters. His youngest sister also has disabilities. Yousuf’s family was initially nervous about having a personal assistant come and spend so much time in their home. They expressed concern because the personal assistant is someone who they really need to be able to trust. With the help of their Supports Planner, they were able to find a wonderful personal assistant who has become “part of the family.” His support planner worked tirelessly to introduce multiple caregivers to the family. The family was able to find someone that they fell in love with. Yousuf’s mother expressed that she wished that all special needs families had access to the services Yousuf has gotten.