In addition to assisting individuals with substance use disorder, we have been providing services for participants that have or are living in transitional housing after being moved from unsafe living quarters. Over the years, our agency continues to provide housing support and services to individuals that are in need. Transitional housing is supportive housing that helps fight the homeless problem in today’s society. Transitional housing is generally for a limited time period or can be permanent – it provides people with help after a crisis such as homelessness or domestic violence. Stays can be from two weeks to twenty-four months. Beatrice Loving Heart has been able to refer participants to housing in their community and ensure that they receive the support that they need during their transition period.

Our agency has assisted and continues to assist individuals that have been diagnosed or suspected with severe medical, mental, or behavioral health conditions. Individual paths to recovery differ, and packages of treatments and supportive services for mental and substance use disorders should be tailored to fit individual needs. For many people with behavioral health problems the most effective approach often involves a combination of counseling and medication. Supportive services, such as a case or care management, can also play an important role in promoting health and recovery. Our agency has supported or referred our participants to various treatments. These treatments and supportive services are provided in a variety of locations, including:

  • Behavioral health centers
  • Substance use disorder rehabilitation programs
  • Independent providers
  • Hospitals
  • Community health centers
  • Mutual support groups and peer-run organizations
  • Community-based organizations
  • Schools
  • At home through behavioral or home-based services
  • Inpatient service providers