Our organization provides managed care case management by assisting the individuals we serve to a balanced access and quality services. The individuals we serve receive professional intensive case management services and access to a wide range of providers – for those who are eligible. Beatrice Loving Heart is knowledgeable in tailoring services to the unique needs of each individual while avoiding “cookie cutter” services

                                                                                                             Our Approach

Personalized care planning – addresses personal wellness goals, objectives, and interventions needed to satisfactorily assist the patient in reaching optimal health and functioning. Shared with all involved care providers, the care plan provides a roadmap to facilitate referrals for medical follow up, behavioral health care, social support, and any other identified needs.

Outreach and engagement – these approaches are designed to foster an ongoing relationship with the individual at the center of their care plan. Our care coordinators focus on learning about the needs of the individual, such as life and health goals; past treatment experiences and preferences; and the strengths and resources of the individual as well as the barriers they face.

Referrals to community partners – this step allows the participant to meet his or her care plan goals, prevent escalation of care needs, and reduce the need for emergency or high-intensity care.

Coordination of benefits – this involves assistance with application or recertification as needed to ensure that patients maintain their insurance and other benefits.