Beatrice Loving Heart has years of experience in assisting individuals with housing and access to available community resources. Our organization has successfully assisted many individuals transition to live independently within the comfort of their homes. With our highly trained staff, living independently with little to no assistance has become a reality for many of the individuals we serve. Our staff works diligently to ensure that all available resources are explored and made available to those we serve.

Our agency has a Housing Team is responsible for assisting individuals in completing applications for permanent housing and for services that the individuals we serve are eligible for as well as developing, following, and documenting all progress towards independent living. Over the years, Beatrice Loving Heart has created a plan that is deliberate, intensive, and a calculated intervention strategy designed to identify and remove barriers to housing. Alongside our housing programs, we help people access financial resources in order to be able to afford housing. We assist individuals and families with applications for subsidized housing and provide them with support when they are faced with housing issues. They are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that our participants are placed in stable housing by performing site visits to their housing locations.

Our experts are trained to:

  • Provide client-directed, portable and intensive support
  • Work with the client to achieve set goals
  • Assist the client to define his/her goals and needs
  • Provide linkage with resources in the community
  • Work together with family as appropriate to achieve a common goal