Beatrice Loving Heart is creating an environment that will assist individuals and families realize their aspirations through the home and community-based services. Working with other organizations, either through informal networks or more formal partnerships have provided:

  • Greater efficiency and productivity and less duplicated effort. With each agency doing their part, individuals will have the ability to access various beneficial services.
  • Community information and improved service system capability
  • A holistic approach to meeting individual needs, with better and more efficient access to the range of services required, improved quality and consistency of service and greater responsiveness to needs
  • The ability to address concerns and have the flexibility to respond to changing, emerging or more complex individual needs and changing operations and operational environments
  • Access to up-to-date information, new ideas and strategic thinking during meetings

As illustrated, our agency has created a partnership with community providers, families and individuals, state agencies, Long-term Services and Supports: Medicaid and Medicare, and hospitals.