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Giving back to the community has always been the inspiration behind Beatrice Loving Heart. For many years, our company becomes jubilated when rendering community services to surrounding areas. Every year Beatrice Loving Heart yields specific items to local churches, homeless shelters, and other non-profit organizations. With festive activities for the season, all personnel will gather new and used items or devote a certain amount of time to partake in all community service projects.

Over the past few years, our Director has gathered our Administrators and several employees to prepare, deliver, and serve food to various homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Every year, our personnel serve 1,500 people at homeless shelters. Through conversation, food, and laughter our staff has been able to touch the lives of those less fortunate making lasting impressions. As an annual passion, BLH randomly selects 20 different employees to serve food at a soup kitchen or family shelter to create joyous memories with those who need it most.

The individuals at the shelter enjoyed the food and had the opportunity to tell their life stories.  One individual explained how he and his family were faced with poverty after being evicted from their home. His wife and children were housed at a women’s shelter, while he slept in the car. He explained that he and his wife wanted to keep life normal for their children, so they would have breakfast together in a local park and they would walk the kids to school every morning. These and the other inspirational stories continue to drive Beatrice Loving Heart. We are careful to ensure that services are offered in a caring environment with respect for each individual. We do this to promote a healthy sense of self-esteem that empowers the women and men to regain independence and self-sufficiency.