Over the years, we have made it our priority to support our families and participants by supporting them in living full lives and being integrated into the community. We provide consistent telephone contact and visits with our participants, caregivers, and family members to assist with the coordination of services and to ensure that participants are involved in their care and are satisfied with the level of care that they are receiving.

Beatrice Loving Heart Agency has been providing community-based supports services for older adults and individuals with complex medical needs since 2003. We have been working with families in the Prince Georges County, Baltimore County, Baltimore city, and Frederick County for many years, providing supports planning, and staff to assist in remaining independent in their homes. Our agency has been the main point of contact with clients by performing in-home visits, monitoring effectiveness of plans of service, community resource gathering and finding the most talented, educated and experienced staff for our participants.

Our Mission

Our mission at Beatrice Loving heart is to support people of all ages and their families while working with local agencies to access and provide resources that are beneficial and contribute to an efficacious community life.

Our Vision

Using a person-centered planning process to ensure that the individuals we serve have access to all the resources that are available in their community and are living a meaningful life in their community.