Lanham, MD

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Define project tasks and resource requirements
  • Develop full-scale project plans
  • Assemble and coordinate with supervisors
  • Manage budget
  • Manage resource allocation
  • Plan and schedule project timelines and deadlines
  • Provide direction and support to teams
  • Quality assurance
  • Frequently monitor and report on the progress of the project to the department
  • Present reports defining progress, problems and solutions related to the agency

Job Duties and Responsibilities (Other duties may be assigned as appropriate)

  • Provide leadership and manage the program; make decisions; solve problems; develop unit procedures; develop records/files; conduct meetings; represent agency/department at internal and external meetings;
  • Manage the employee hiring process; develop or update job descriptions; develop performance expectations, identify essential functions and knowledge, skills and abilities required to form teams
  • Manage staff and team performance; provide new employee orientation; train or provide adequate training for employees and motivate employees; evaluate employees; investigate complaints or performance concerns; implement disciplinary action as needed and in consultation with appointment authority and Human Resources;
  • Manage and ensure effective employee/labor relations; create an ethical, non-discriminatory and safe work environment; establish effective communication lines/methods; identify and solve employee problems; manage conflict, respond to grievances;
  • Accept resignations; initiate terminations; process layoff actions;
  • Approve leave and overtime; complete or review and sign time sheets;
  • If applicable, establish and manage a budget; approve expenditures; initiate and sign appropriate paperwork.
  • Balances team and individual responsibilities; Exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views; Gives and welcomes feedback; Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Puts success of team above own interests; Able to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; Supports everyone’s efforts to succeed.
  • Develop, and promote, a wide range of activities within the organization
  • Conduct and/or arrange for year-round orientation and training
  • Provide support in the various areas of operations, to include diversity training and development
  • Schedule all internal activities, including tours
  • Organize and participate in all special events.